Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fast Food Day..,

Yeah, yesterday is the FAST FOOD DAY..,I getting bigger because of it, I think. I know we shouldnt eat after 9pm but I have too..,my stomach was so hungry and started singing like a rock band..,then, my parents ask my sister and me to buy satay..,yummy..,and thats not enough for person who had stomach bigger like me..,haha, so I decided to buy Prosperity Burger at the same time..,WOW, can you imagine how many food I eat last night..,I had like 15 satay and one set of burger. 

thats my burger..,Prosperity Beef..,=p

I promise this is my last time eat prosperity for at least 8 months..(haha..,of course la because after this no more prosperity in McD until CNY next year)..,I'll miss you guys so much..,xoxo..,=p

Friday, February 4, 2011

FirSt tImE eVeR..,

I have two story to share with you guys about first time ever,..

Yeah, of course this is the first time ever I'm updating my blog..,and thank to my friend, Mawa because made my page really beautiful although its not REALLY beautiful..,hhehe,just kidding, but seriously, more gorgeous than I can even think..,

Secondly, today I had my very first time eat Burger King..,I knew maybe some of my friends make fun of it, but yeah, I'd to admit today was my first time dude..,

This is my lunch today..,its taste great..,but for me, not strong enough compared to another fast food like Mcd and KFC..,I tried a new burger.,but I'm not sure about its name..,i think BK Black Pepper Chicken Burger..,so, for the Burger King's fans..,I would like to recommend you to try this,.,delicious!! Hhhehe..,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You're the driver, NOT the passangers in life. You set where you wanna go, what you wanna be